Fireland Filmworks Brand Promo

One Night Promo

- Shot and edited for social media

Experience Momentum Promo

Director, DP, Editor

- I conceptualized, shot, and edited this over a 3 day span on a limited budget

- After being shared on Facebook it received over 30,000 views in the first 3 weeks

Build Your DANNAR - Customizability Presentation - August 2018

Motion Graphics animator

- Directed and edited existing renderings

- DANNAR wanted it to look like the machine and attachments were digital tools in an Adobe workspace

- Video has been a VERY useful to display to clients this complicated product 

DANNAR MPS 4.0 Annoucement - June 2018

- Shot and edited this product announcement for DANNAR

- Shot at the Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego CA

- Most of the footage was shot while on rollerblades

- Navigated city streets and permitting to get this done

Mobility Roadside Assistance - Web Sharable Video - July 2017

Director and DP

- Organized ALL preproduction, including scheduling, reservations, actors, shooters.

- Shoot was limited to a 2 hour window because of van and tow truck rental.

- In an extremely tight timeframe I organized over staged 30 shots with 3 camera operators, 4 actors, a photographer, as well as operated a drone myself.

- Successfully captured ALL media objectives set by the client and impressed the owner who was on set observing.

- Video was sent to over 3 million members as a part of a successful marketing push

- Video took me 2 days to edit and 3 drafts for final product.

- The user in the above video did not request something overly artful, just instructive.

- I will arrive on set organized, ready to give clear direction, motivating all involved to keep to the schedule despite extreme time constraints. 

- I understand the difficulty of shooting outside with variable weather and changes in lighting. I know how to produce a consistent image despite the conditions.

The Story of Richard’s Too Good Products - Aug 2017

Director, DP, Editor

- Helped a hard working entrepreneur with no budget for media get his story out there

- Directed Richard on how to edit his story down to 4 minutes

- Organized and designed kitchen shoot with difficult lighting and limited space

- Next phase of this project is to replace all photos with video of his family, more pictures of his products, reshoot him telling the story with an even tighter script 

- Edited in 1.5 days

- I have a passion to help people with a dream but have difficulty communicating and gathering people around them.

Seattle Youth For Christ - Fundraiser Centerpiece Video - Oct. 2017

Director, DP, Editor

- I directed 7 actors over 3 shoot days

- Was the sole camera operator

- Was very organized on set 

- Edit took 1 day. Editing went very fast because I was so organized

- Sought to display the powerful stories of kids within the theme of “Seed” 

World Concern - One Village Transformed - Sept 2017

Director, DP, Editor

- Helped determine creative direction and helped write script

- Recorded all voice overs 

- Sorted through thousands of videos to find the perfect shots

- Edited to the expectation of an emotional and powerful centerpiece for the One Village Transformed initiative

- Performed color correction and grade

World Concern's One Village Transformed program works to eliminate extreme poverty, one village at a time. By working together, communities identify their most urgent needs as well as their greatest strengths in an effort to realize their God-given potential and experience holistic change. With your help, entire villages will become transformed.

CRISTA Digital - Long Form Ad - February 2017

Assistant Director, DP, editor, motion graphics editor

- Determined the use of a concrete narrative form to communicate a service that is abstract and “techie”.

- Shot in 6 locations over 4 days, with more than 10 actors, 4 crew members.

- Determined overal color grade and visual style

- Animated motion graphic end slate

World Concern - Seek Out and Stop Initiative - May 2017

Co-Director, Camera Op, Editor

- Helped determined creative direction

- Operated a camera with the difficulty of hiding inconspicuously to ensure the honesty of people’s reactions

- Edited the piece with final reveal to effect the audience and incite response

- Helped draw over 5000 people to our 5K fundraiser

- Edited over 3 days with 5 drafts

In the poorest parts of Southeast Asia, children are sold into slavery or trafficked into the sex trade. This is not ok anywhere. By registering for World Concern's S.O.S. 5k on May 12, 2018, you will help rescue a child from the threat of trafficking. Join the S.O.S.



DP & Editor

1.5 Million bats and a lot of people who were ready to leave... until the bats emerged. They do this almost every spring and summer night under the Congress Ave bridge in Austin, TX.

Northern India - Pastor Puna Story - Westgate Chapel Global missions - 2014

Director, DP, Editor

Story of a pastor who was on his death bed.

India - A Day In the Life of Pastor Ramlal

Followed an Indian pastor on his daily routine of farming and his 30 Km walk to attend Bible school

Christian Veterinary Mission - Ministry Showcase Documentary - June 2017

Assistant Director, 2nd Camera, co-editor

- Shot over 8 days, traveled around over the country of Haiti

- I am adaptable and resourceful. Original story plan fell through, had to improvise and move in new direction mid trip

- Worked successfully cross-culturally with gangs in slums, doctors, veterinarians, agronomists and government officials. 

- Thrived while working extremely long hours, fighting a bacterial infection, and adverse shooting conditions

- Edit was expedited, we delivered the final product only 2 weeks after returning. For a project of this length, 2 months would be standard. 

Mario And Rosita Story

Director, DP, Editor, Produced Music

Uruguay - Descend to Fight - Juan Carlos Story - WGC Global Missions - 2014

Performed every function of this production, including writing the music. 

Juan Carlos and his wife Patricia moved to the worst part of Montevideo with the call to plant a church.


MOtion graphics & ANIMATION

Mobility Roadside Assistance - Product Promo - Oct. 2016

Writer, Designer, Editor 

- This video displays an important skill set that I strive for, the ability to read into the client, understand the audience, and communicate a difficult product.

- Client had a very vague direction for where to go to explain a product in a way that doesn’t patronize a population of mobility challenged people who already feel disadvantaged and forgotten.

- I determined the art direction and designed or adapted icons, figures, and typography

- I edited this promo entirely in After Effects displaying my knowledge and skill set to work in multiple platforms and understand all aspects of video production.

Missions Fest Seattle Promo - Aug 2018

- Designed and edited this promo for Missions Fest Seattle with a base logo design and minimal direction.

- Designed in Illustrator

- Edited in After Effects

Missions Fest Seattle - Motion Graphics promo - July 2017

Responsible for everything creative: scripting, motion design

- I created all graphics and images, I populated the template with 500 tiled pictures

- Designed in Illustrator

- Edited in After Effects

- Took me 8 days of scripting, drafts, and fine-tuning animation



Matt Bekker, "Blood Moon," Music Video - Aug 2015

Director, DP, (I did not edit this piece, nor do I like the edit) 

A compilation of 2015 documentary work. Tyler Hanson all rights reserved. Music by Biblio

Hungary For Love - Organization Promo


- Took over project after previous videographer abandoned client after being paid to shoot and edit 10 minute film 

- Delivered video in one week

PRMI - Dunamis Training

Director, DP, Editor

- Handled motorized gimbal over DIFFICULT terrain without any crew

Camera Op

I'm Just Hangin' On - the music video From the album - Meet Me In Vietnam: The Ultimate Collection Directed by - Brian Lee Retrospect Productions, LLC ©2014 John Black ::Credits:: "I'm Just Hangin' On" - Written and Performed by John Black Directed & Produced by - Brian

"Elliot Bay" Matt Bekker

DP & Editor